Technology Partners for Intelligent Automation Success

Technology Partners for Intelligent Automation Success


VKY is a technology agnostic Intelligent Automation consultancy.  We are small but mighty!  To ensure we can fully support our clients from the smallest third sector organisations through to the largest financial services organisations – wherever their automation journeys might take them – we have selected a number of “best in breed” technology partners.  Below is a list of our key technology partners.


Our Chosen Technology Partners

  • UiPath (RPA platform)
  • Automation Anywhere (RPA platform)
  • Liveperson (enterprise grade live chat and chatbot solution)
  • Microsoft Azure (cloud services)
  • IBM Watson
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) (cloud services)



Our go-to RPA platform internally when we need to automate something is UiPath. This is due to the flexibility of the platform in terms of infrastructure and speed to automate compared to the alternatives.

Find out more about UiPath


Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a good and robust automation solution.  Due to its hefty infrastructure and support requirements, in our view, it is best suited to large enterprises who have capacity to deploy C# capable resources.

Find out more about Automation Anywhere


Microsoft Azure

UiPath is developed using .net and they have created a strategic technology alliance with Microsoft which includes pre-integration with Office applications.  We use Microsoft services day-to-day internally at VKY, including Azure and Office365 and so do most of our clients (if not all).  Therefore, it makes sense to partner with Microsoft.

Find out more about Microsoft Azure


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We are currently supporting a well known financial services business who are migrating to AWS cloud hosting.  We are working with them to kick off an exciting innovation programme to automate parts of the complex deployment of their legacy core business application.  To better understand our customer and their challenges and to get access to additional developer resources, we have partnered with AWS.

Find out more about AWS


Liveperson and IBM Watson

The lines between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will become more and more blurred as the automation market transitions towards Intelligent Automation.  Our work will consequently involve increasingly greater use of chatbots (NLP/NLU/NLG), connected data sets, Machine Learning (ML) and AI such as computer vision.  We are seeing this trend currently manifest itself with a well known business whom we are supporting.  Liveperson offers a powerful, secure and scalable platform which can be utilised for chatbot deployment and management, in addition to human chat functions and hand-offs between the two.  It is pre-integrated with Google’s Dialogflow, Amazon Lex and IBM Watson.  Watson is a powerful AI engine which has been productised for specific industries enabling rapid deployment of AI solutions and creation of chatbots.

Find out more about Liveperson and IBM Watson


A note on chatbots

Whilst we recognise the amazing work which has gone into creating “emotional” and conversational machines, we don’t believe these are what businesses and their customers – i.e. people – actually want all the time.  However, transactional bots can be very useful in dealing with repetitive and high volume interactions.  They free-up people to provide services to customers which are based on empathy and human conversation.  People are not good at being robots. So in our opinion, it makes sense to get machines to perform robotic tasks and let people do what they’re good at.


Our Technology Promise


We will only re-sell platforms that we believe in and would use ourselves.  We have investigated many other solution providers and have chosen not to enter into a number of available partnerships.  That said, we have supported organisations who were using alternative RPA solutions to help them get the best out of their automation programme.  We help them to avoid pitfalls which are common across technologies.


If you have any questions about our partnerships and the technologies we work with, please don’t hesitate to contact us


To find out more about the benefits of automation, please have a read of this benefits blog post or contact us


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